Les conditions pour une relance du tourisme en Algérie

Le tourisme en Algérie nécessite une stratégie qui englobe l’ensemble de l’économie nationale et particulièrement la sécurité, la digitalisation, la qualité des hébergement, les prix  et l’accueil.

“The biggest challenge with designing enterprise applications is the lack of examples of patterns that work or don’t work in specific scenarios.”

Since most enterprise applications contain sensitive data pertaining to the company, there are very few examples out there that talk to some of the common problems faced while designing enterprise apps. There exists pattern libraries that talk in-depth about how each component should work but very little on when to use them. The patterns we see in design libraries are often oversimplified and does not work in real enterprise applications where data and the use-cases are more complex in nature.

What you see below is a typical enterprise application. The working window is dense with information with a crazy number of panels each indicating information that is contextual to any other selection made on the screen.


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